How to Get Taylor Economics Textbook

How to Get a Copy of Tim Taylor’s
Principles of Economics textbook.

The proper book for Econ 201 and 202 at LCC is was:

Taylor, Timothy;  Principles of Economics, 2nd Edition,  published by Freeloadpress,  2010, ISBN: 1-930789-13-0Why: Traditional economics textbooks generally cost $200 or more, which I consider too much.  Instead I use a textbook that is available direct from the publisher at .

Where to get the textbook:   A direct link to the Taylor book in the catalog is here: .

The Taylor textbook is really only available from A printed copy, which also gives you access to the online version, is available new for only $50-60 depending on print format.  An online-only version is available for only $25, but I strongly recommend having a printed copy.  Feedback from students in the past indicates that a printed copy is easier to use and results in better learning.

I am currently using the 3rd edition of the book, but if you have a copy of the 2nd edition, that will work too.

LCC students who acquire this book for Econ 201 are assured that they will use the same book for Econ 202 macro if they take 202 in the following semester.

How to Get the Book:

Step 1:  If you have never used before, then you will need to register first and create an account.  To do that, go to and click on the Register Now link in the lower left corner.

Step 2:  After you have registered, you need to find the Taylor book in their catalog.  You can either click this link directly: or search on the site for “taylor economics 2nd”.   Be sure to order tehe Principles of Economics” book. Add the book to your shopping cart and then checkout.  You’ll be asked for payment and shipping options.  You’ll need a credit or debit card to complete payment.  That’s it.

Additional Information about how Textbook Meda works (from their website):

Here’s how Textbook Media works…

1.       Register. Both students and instructors need to register. Read our end-user license agreement in the registration area.

2.       Select book and version. Pick your textbook from the booklist. Then pick your preferred version of that textbook.

3.       Checkout. Place the book/versions you want in your shopping cart.  Proceed to checkout.  (Note: even if you are selecting a free version of a textbook, you’ll need to go through checkout to activate your order.)

4.       Log-in. Access your account in the future with your e-mail address and password. All the books you checkout can be found by clicking “My Account” link at the top of the web page.

5.       Adding new versions books. Add a different premium version or add versions of other books at any time.  Low-cost paperbacks are available for most titles and are shipped directly to you.


System Requirements for Online Version

All online versions (Sponsored Book, the Online Book, and the Hybrid Bundle (Online Book + Printable PDF) requires Silverlight™, free downloadable software from Microsoft (that’s used by companies like Netflix). You may already have it. If not, you will be directed automatically to Microsoft’s site for the free download.

After the checkout process, access to any online version starts at the “My Account” page.   Click on the Read Now button. The online book will take a few seconds to load.  The Table of Contents icon can be found on the left of the book screen. Click on the desired heading and you will be taken to that page in the book. Use the Table of Contents icon for easy navigation between chapters.

Troubleshooting: Access to the e-book platform may be blocked by some college campuses.  If you are accessing this website through a campus portal and you receive an error message of “unable to connect to server”, you’ll need to leave the site and revisit by going directly to the site from your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.), NOT through the campus or company portal.  Access can also be blocked by your computer.   If you receive the message “unable to connect to server”, you’ll need to relax or turn down your firewall or antivirus software before you can access the e-book platform.