Community and Service

In addition to my teaching and teaching-related responsibilities at LCC, I am active in other academic and tecnology-related activities that benefit Lansing Community College, the greater Lansing community, and  the larger academic community.

The activity that is closest to my heart is Malartoo and TheProfNet.  Malartoo is  a new non-profit organization that is building from technology I developed in the 1990’s for an e-commerce startup. (see the patent).  The mission of Malartoo is to develop an advanced non-profit networks for sharing ideas and improving productivity among professionals in non-profit organizations.  The first network under development is call TheProfNet.  It is aimed at helping higher education professors connect and converse with each other about teaching and curricular issues, while improving their productivity.  Malartoo and TheProfNet do not have a public presence yet, so if you are curious or want more information, contact me by email.

For details of my recent activity in community service, college service/committees, or my occassional appearance on TV as commentator see the following categories of entries to this blog:

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  1. Jeremy Danis
    October 6, 2014 @ 5:42 pm

    Hey Jim, it was good talking to you, & good presentation at WPA2!

    I was wandering if you were on any social media. I couldn’t find you on Twitter or FB.


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