EconProph is in the Commons (DMLCommons that is!)

I’m excited about participating in the DML Commons connected course this spring.  I’m a bit concerned about time – this is second half of spring semester here and the school seems to have ALL kinds of plans for my time.  Anyway, I’m going to give it my best shot.

I’m particularly excited about all the folks that are putting this together, leading it, the steering committee, and all the others participating.

About me:  I teach economics, primarily at Lansing Community College. I do a lot of online teaching and I’ve used WordPress for my Principles courses for the last several years (with quiz/gradebook assist from D2L).  Just this semester, I took the connected course plunge. I’m currently teaching a connected course design for my Comparative Econ Systems class this term.  I’m hoping I find out in DML Commons what all I did wrong and how to do it better!

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