Blogging to Engage Students

Malartu Inc is helping professors find their voice on the web at the Teaching Professor Technology Conference 2014 in Denver. Here’s the presentation that Jean Ramirez and Jim Luke of Lansing Community College are giving about “Blogging to Engage Students, Enhance Learning, and Save Time”, or in other words, how to get your own voice on the web and connect. Slides and links after the jump:


Examples of:

Blogs as Source of Information:

Platform for Student Research and Critical Thinking/Evaluation of Info:

Delivering Concepts to Students (and by Students)

Course Content

Content + Participation

As faculty portfolio or time saver:

Some student created content:

To signup and get your own blog(s):

at WordPress-as-a-service providers (free w/ optional paid upgrades)

How to get your own site(s) on a “self-hosted” WordPress:

Aspirational Goal: Bug the heck out of your IT department until they cave.

Good: Get your  own vanilla hosting accounts at most any commercial webhost (such as GoDaddy, Dreamhost, WPEngine, etc.) and install WP using the 5-min install

Better:  contact

Better:  go to

Where we will all eventually get to:

About us, the presenters and how to reach us:

Jean Ramirez

Jim Luke

BONUS Links on How-to:

Create a Post in WordPress:

Create a Page in WordPress: