The MOOC’s Are Coming! The MOOC’s Are Coming!

DAY-OF-THE-MOOCI’m giving and hour-long workshop in the LCC Center for Teaching Excellence today on MOOC’s.  It’s kind of an introduction for faculty to the phenomenon and controversy that are MOOC’s. (thanks to M.Branson Smith for the graphic)

Download the Powerpoint file here.

I will be expanding this presentation and making it into a full-online discussion about MOOC’s and the future with a particular emphasis on faculty.  This online version and discussion will actually be a MOOC about MOOC’s (how’s that for meta!).  It will be the inaugural MalartOOC.  MalartOOC’s are a series of professional conversations by faculty for faculty about what we do.  They will be offered by Malartu, Inc., a new non-profit started by faculty to support faculty at all higher ed institutions.  For more information about Malartu, see  To express interest or get more information about participating in the inaugural MalartOOC about MOOC’s, faculty, and the future of higher education, please post a reply to this blog post below or send your email address to

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The Presentation to LCC’s Center for Teaching Excellence, 4-Sept-2013

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